About Me

Who I Am

My name is Breanna. I am endlessly curious and never stop learning. I am a radical homemaker, a homeschooling mama, a professional astrologer, and a creator of beautiful things (I sew, knit, spin, make jewelry, cook, decorate cakes, garden). I love to connect with people heart to heart, and I invite you to join me at my virtual hearth. If you were here in person I would make you a cup of tea with herbs from my little balcony garden; with only the Internet to connect us, we’ll make do with deep conversation alone.

My friends have always come to me for advice, and as an astrology reader, I don’t shy away from the more challenging parts of life. I am gentle about it, but I am not the sort of astrologer who only tells people what they want to hear. If I see painful dynamics in your chart, I don’t think they will be a surprise to you – after all, you’ve been living that chart all your life. What I can offer is context for those challenges, a way to see them as part of the greater whole, the story your soul came here to live out and the lessons it came to learn.



When I first encountered astrology, it didn’t work for me. I read descriptions of various placements and thought they were vague and no better than chance. In the course of various studies, I acquired a handful of astrology books that were interesting and more detailed. However, reading the paragraph-long delineations was frustrating. They were contradictory and still quite vague. I thought there was probably something to it – a lot of thinkers I respected found value in astrology. And I respect history: cultures and civilizations far more long-lived and successful than my own had ordered their affairs based on the stars. It became a puzzle to me: how did I determine which symbols were the most important? How could I make this make sense?

When I discovered Hellenistic astrology, the puzzle pieces fell into place. If I wanted the same kind of astrology that the ancients had used, here it was. It came with time-tested guidelines for determining which symbols were speaking the most clearly as well as methods for analyzing a chart in a number of different ways. My son was very young at this time and I would listen to Chris Brennan’s podcasts while my baby slept (he was a light sleeper and I had to stay beside him). Then after Brennan interviewed Adam Elenbaas, I signed up for his Nightlight Astrology School and studied with him for a year long intensive in order to learn to read natal charts. I graduated May 2018 and I am going to start the second phase of the program this autumn, where I will study predictive techniques.

I also have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, since I have always wanted a career of talking to people and offering help and advice. I didn’t pursue the necessary PhD for financial reasons, and it’s been a long and winding road to get to my current life as a professional astrologer. I don’t offer astrology as therapy, as I have enough education to know what I don’t know. I do think a good astrology reading can leave you with a meaty list of topics to bring up with your therapist, but I do not personally have the clinical experience of helping hundreds or thousands of clients through techniques to manage anxiety, depression, etc.


Photo credits for the images on Kindled Hearth Astrology go to my mother, the talented Alaskan landscape photographer Debbie Boyle of Boyle Photography.