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What is Mundane Astrology?

One of the most ancient forms of astrology, practiced since at least Babylon, is mundane astrology, the study of the fate of nations as reflected by the stars. The rise and fall of civilizations, mass movements, great leaders, natural disasters, and times of prosperity or woe for a nation are all part of the “mundane […]


I am officially beginning the relaunch of my site, now with regular blogging. I have a few topics queued up, including a series on the mundane astrology of Texas, astrology of family trees, and some deep dives into the charts of historical figures. I’m going to aim for a post most Wednesdays, and I am […]

Philosophy of Astrology

I practice Hellenistic astrology, which is the modern recreation of the type of astrology practiced by the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians in the era of the Library of Alexandria. I am strongly inclined to learn from history and I have found Hellenistic techniques to provide clarity of interpretation. I also find that the Stoic […]

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