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For a limited time, readings are available by DONATION! I am a newer astrologer still gaining experience, so I am not charging full price just yet. A typical astrology reading from an experienced astrologer costs around $125. My suggested donation is $30-$50.


What to Expect from an Initial Natal Chart Reading

In an initial natal chart reading, we will talk about the symbols in your birth chart that tell the story of your personality, psychology, and sense of purpose in the world. I practice Hellenistic astrology, and one of the unique features of this style of astrology is that most of the symbols in the chart aren’t “about” you at all – they describe the context around you, and can even symbolize other people. So I will primarily be discussing features related to the sun, the moon, and the ruler of the sign that was rising above the horizon at the moment you entered the world. Of course, depending on the chart, other symbols may also be important to this type of reading. You can read more about my philosophy of astrology at my About Me page.

What to Expect from a Topical Analysis Reading

This type of reading is best used as a followup to an initial natal chart reading. Astrology is a flexible tool that can be used to work with many different areas of life. You may wish to know more about who you are in the context of your career or more about the dynamics in your life around money. You may have questions about patterns in relationships – the types of partners you attract and the themes that come up for you in romantic relationships. Astrology can be used to examine any part of life – your health, mental health, family, home, spiritual life, and friendships are all areas that we can meaningfully discuss using the symbols in your birth chart. Many topical questions can be worked with productively in about half an hour, but allow more time in your schedule in case we really get on a roll. We will focus on one main area per topical reading, but please feel free to book a series of readings if you would like to discuss multiple topics.